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Pat Potter's Story

Helping clients achieve peace of mind since 1995.

Over the course of the last three decades, I have cultivated a distinctive and versatile skill set that has empowered me to thrive in diverse environments and adapt to varying boundaries and stipulations. My experience has encompassed a broad spectrum of scenarios, each contributing to my multifaceted expertise and enabling me to navigate and respond effectively to a range of challenges and requirements.

My adaptability has been honed through exposure to different professional cultures, operational structures, and case specifications, allowing me to quickly acclimate to new settings and exceed expectations, irrespective of the prevailing conditions or constraints. This versatility is not merely a product of professional experiences but is also intertwined with a continual pursuit of learning and personal development, ensuring a balanced and informed approach to every case I undertake.

I have a proven ability to collaborate with diverse teams, harmonizing varied perspectives and skills to achieve shared goals. My comprehensive understanding of different working parameters has enabled me to contribute meaningfully to cases with varying levels of complexity and to find innovative solutions to problems by leveraging my eclectic experiences.

Whether working under stringent guidelines or with extensive autonomy, my diverse skill set ensures that I bring a unique perspective and a wealth of knowledge to every case, fostering happenstance, ingenuity, and the successful completion of goals. My journey over the past 30 years has been a continuous process of evolving and refining my skills, positioning me as a valuable asset in a multitude of behavioral health cases.


My Qualifications

What Makes Me Stand Out

I'm a happenstancer.

I have been a sober since 1994.


  • EMT Re-Certification - Certified by UNITEK-EMT Tempe, AZ  - ADec-2022

  • Licensed Private Investigator  - Texas DRS License available upon request. May-2021

  • Xavier University  - MBA / Juris Doctorate Program- Sep-2010

  • University of New Mexico  - Masters of Science Criminology -  Apr-2009

  • University of New Mexico  - Bachelors of Science Criminology -  Apr-2007

  • University of New Mexico  - Bachelors of Science Psychology -  Apr-2007

  • University of New Mexico  - Bachelors of Science Business Administration -  Apr-2006

  • Private Military Contractor (DOD) - Private Military Contractor for Countersign Defense Services on contract with Dept of Defense 2005-2012

  • Licensed Private Investigator - New York License available upon request. - Aug-2004 

  • Licensed Private Investigator  - Florida License available upon request - Jan-1999

  • Licensed Private Investigator  - California License available upon request - Jan-1997

  • Certified Drug & Alcohol Counselor  -  UCLA - Las Angeles CA - Jun-1995

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